Foto van de week (my weekly pick)

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Why "Sierramike"? (“See-air-rah Mike” in ICAO spelling alphabet ) Flying was my job and my passion. One  of my hobbies is flying Gliders. Many years ago I bought a glider for myself to participate in competitions. It is a good habit to have a large competition number on the tail of a glider, to make it “Yours”. When I had the first choice in choosing a competition code for my glider, it would have shown my initials, MS, or "Mike-Sierra". I did not have the fist choice. By the time I had to choose the callsign, MS was used by Kees Musters. A Dutch gliding world champion. As an alternative I chose “SM” instead. “Sierra Mike” in aviation language. As a second choice. Sierramike became my signature, my second name. That’s why.

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weekly pick (de foto van week)


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